About the project

Shell is a desktop application meant to boost a user's productivity by providing various features such as Wallet, Reminders, etc. The main aim of the application was to make sure that a user had everything important he/she needed when the app was open. The user doesn't have to set a reminder on one app and add a note on the other. Shell has it all packaged into one. A quick use case, any person working in an office can have the application open on the computer and he/she can read the latest news or ebooks, transfer files from different devices, access any website quickly and much more.
It was created as part of an assignment. Our team had won the best application amongst the other teams.

Basic features

  • Wallet
  • Reminders
  • Notes
  • Quick Links
  • News
  • Transfer Files via Bluetooth
  • PDF Reader

Stack used

  • Java
  • MySQL

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